Wednesday, March 10, 2010

42 more hours

That's how long it is until I get these GODFORSAKEN stitches out of my neck. The itching started a bit last night, and now? Holy hell, now? I'm about to go completely and totally insane!! But luckily, other things are returning to normal, so I can (at least try to) focus on that.

First off, it is GORGEOUS here right now. Spring is definitely upon us and, seemingly overnight, the daffodils are blooming, the trees are putting on leaves and flowers, and the grass has grown 6 inches. Right now as I type this, our windows are open, and these lazy cats are seriously enjoying the sunbeams and light breezes.

Second, I've managed to get out among the living a bit in the last couple of days. Today, I actually took The Geej to school. The kiddos in her class are so funny, asking about my very visible, pretty large boo boo on my neck. One little girl, Skye, asked me, "What did you get for that?!" implying that I must've gotten some SUPER cool treat from the doctor for enduring something like this. I told her I got a great, big huge medical bill and some good drugs. She didn't seem too impressed. I told another kid that I'd gotten into a knife fight with The Geej's dad. Again, unimpressed. I'll have to think up some better/grosser stuff for tomorrow. I also went and got my super nasty car washed and then went to pick up a couple of things for a party they're having in The Geej's class on Friday.

Third, I'm starting back to work tomorrow. I'll be working at home (not ready to unveil my Franken-neck to my coworkers yet), and I've got a lot to do. I'm just hoping I've got the mental and physical energy to make it through the day without at least a two hour nap (something I haven't managed to do since getting out of the hospital).

As far as the hypothyroidism symptoms, I can't really tell what's starting to set in, and what's just me being my regular old bitchy self. For instance, I have been having some EPIC headaches the past couple of days. But is that because I don't have a thyroid or because I've been holding my head/neck at such a strange and constant angle that I'm GIVING myself a headache? Who really knows.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your stitches itch and I hope the removal goes smoothly! Who knows, maybe you will have less headaches once this is over? I was wondering if it's hard to talk because I was going to call you?


Deb said...

Thinking of you... Take care!

Badger said...

Dude! We should totally get you one of those cone collar things they put on dogs so they won't rip out their stitches. It might be a good look for you, you never know.

(P.S. My suggestion for the how'd-you-get-it story? Vampire attack. The kids will be all OVER that shit.)