Sunday, March 28, 2010

Payback's a bitch.

Remember a few posts ago when I introduced you to the Kactus Kitteh Kollection (tm) that my mother had given to BH and I? Well, BH and I were down at the coast this past weekend (more on that in my next post), and I wanted to get her something to thank her for helping make this kid-free trip possible. As luck would have it, BH and I happened upon this craft fair in Rockport: You know the's in a small park area, lots of booths of people who are selling their "art" that they make on the weekends. And knives. Lots and lots of knives for sale too.

Well, we ran across a booth manned by this 6' 4", 300lb. Winter Texan who was selling his entire invetory of hand made planters in preparation of heading back to Minnesota. And what was so special about these hand made planters? They were sort of reminicent of "Time Out" dolls--those creepy headless dolls you might see leaning up against a corner at my ex-Mother in law's some old lady's house. You know what I'm talking about, right? They look like this:
"Time Out Kid"--I'm in wots and wots of twouble!

Anyhoo, our friend the Minnesotan had taken this concept and tweaked it a bit in order to make dozens and dozens of these:
Half-body Child Planter

Yep. It's as pitiful looking as it appears in this photo. Grody little kid shoes and sad looking little kid short (and skirts), that cover up the "legs" that form the base of this planter. Of course, it was the PERFECT gift for my mother, so we made the Minnesotan's day and purchased this one, which I'm pretty sure, was the fugliest one of the lot.

When we got back to Austin, I high-tailed it to Lowe's to purchase the perfect plant, and then to Michael's for the rest of the decor and, VOILA!

Her name is Kiki, and she's the LIFE of the party!

Trying to safely transport Kiki to my mom proved to be a serious challenge. She kept tumping* over, losing rocks and dirt and injuring me. Little bitch. But she's now been transfered into my mom's possession, and I'm hopeful she'll live a long, happy life in Horseshoe Bay with Mom.

*Tump means to tip over/dump over. It's a real word, even if you think it's not.


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Christy M. said...

I my god. That is awesome. Thanks for the early morning laugh!

Emily said...

And the best part? YOU made it. That idea for those ringlets came out of YOUR twisted mind....
I LOVE it. It is so hideous. You must be so proud!

SUS said...

I see a second career for you!