Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where's a brick I can put on her head?!

This kid of mine, she's getting SO big. For some time now, she's been really wanting to go in the "Justice" store that's in the same shopping center as the PetSmart and Which Wich we frequent. But she's just a tad too little for their smallest size (6), and so we've really never shopped in there. Until today.

We went and got her hair trimmed at the Cool Cuts for Kids next door to this joint, and after her cut, she pleaded and PLEADED to go in and look around. We went straight back to the sale racks, and she zoned in on this little hoodie that was on sale for 1/2 price. (Hey, if it's got sparkle on it, I can assure you this girl will find it and want it.) I have to admit, it IS pretty cute. And on the back, in sparkle letters it says, "Peace/Love/Smile".

As soon as we got home, she put it on and assured me she'd be wearing it to school "every day this week". She then quickly asked, "Do I look like a teenager?"

Not yet, little one. Thankfully, not yet.

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Jaye Joseph said...

Too cute. Also? I bet you are instilling the no trying on thing in her too aren't you? I've still got so much work to do on you woman...