Saturday, February 06, 2010


Photos from the end of the world/the AISD HQ parking garage last night.

People brought cots and tents. People got cozy.

I managed to stay pretty warm, and eventually slept for a couple of hours in my sleeping bag on the ground.

There were some pretty epic snorers. There were people there with their kids. One (single) mom was there with her 4 kids, including a toddler and a baby.

And there were people who talked. All. Night.

My line neighbors were nice/non-annoying people.

And after 14 hours of waiting, when they finally opened up the doors and started taking the forms, the whole "transaction" took a grand total of 15 seconds. I ended up being the 75th form they took. There were 11 people in front of me going for the same elementary school I want The Geej in, but I'm hoping and praying they were all going for the kindergarten slots. I won't know anything about whether or not the transfer was accepted until late March at the earliest. In th meantime, we'll try and come up with a Plan B.

I've got some thoughts on how they could make this process better, and I'll be sending those to the AISD school board, because this process? Sucks.


Hecticmom Undone said...

wait... What? What is this? You're in line to get your kid in school? Public school???!!! I'm so confused.... I seriously must have missed something...

You have to line up for 14 hours to get your kid in school? I totally thought that this was for some band I hadn't heard of - and I thought - weird... A single mom brought her kids. But, it's for SCHOOL? Yowsa... I'm not sure what to say...

Hecticmom Undone said...

Ok - I was reading backwards in my RSS feed - please ignore my previous comment - but, I'll tell you - I think that that particular system is kooky..

Mandy said...

I know of one mom who got down there at 6:00AM that Friday! yowza. We fortunately got into the charter school we wanted for kindergarten (for the current school year), so we will keep our son there for 1st. They use a lottery system. As long as the applications are in by the deadline, everyone gets a fair chance--and no camping out! The AISD system is crazy.

mama herbivore said...

this is the biggest bunch of bullshit fucked up-ness i have ever read. for public school. i can't even tell you how ridiculous this is to me and how angry this makes me.
if she doesn't get in i will personally go down there and bust skulls.
and i'll have you know the word verification here is "mysin". that is weird.