Thursday, February 18, 2010

The amazing disappearing week.

Seriously? It's 11pm Thursday night?! How the hell did THAT happen?

Oh yeah, I know: I've been home with The Geej almost all week because she was diagnosed with strep on Tuesday after feeling punky and feverish on Sunday and Monday. To say that trying to work from home while a stir-crazy 5 yr. old is battling cabin fever (both figurative and literal) is an exercise in futility is a massive understatement. I DID get a wee bit of work done, but am feeling quite disconnected and behind at the moment. Luckily, she's been fever free since this morning, so as God is my witness, she WILL be going to school tomorrow.

Yesterday I had my biopsy on the thyroid n-word. They offer no sedation for this procedure, oddly, so thank God I had a few spare Xanax floating around to help me through my hospitalphobia and get me in the door. The procedure itself wasn't too horrible, aside from the 2 lydicaine (sp?) shots in the neck. It was just weird and uncomfortable. They ended up taking five or six samples (I lost count), and I should know something by the middle of next week.

One thing I KNOW I have for sure: Olympic fever. BIG time! I didn't even really care about the Olympics before they started, and I got sucked in by--of all things--speed skating short track. So now, you will find me on any given evening watching whatever weird-ass sport they happen to be featuring on NBC. Plus, I'm a sucker for all the human drama stuff and music montages. Can't help it, people.

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