Friday, June 06, 2008


It's been windy. Hot and freakishly windy most of the week. Today we finally got some rain, but not enough to do anything other than turn things into a sauna outside. Of course the rain came after we soaked our yard on our designated watering day (yesterday).

My blog sort of got "outed" on my Team Leader survey at work. Someone thought I needed to use a bit more discretion when blogging about work. (Hi there, whoever you are!!) Anyway, I've never kept my blog a secret, but I also never went around advertising the fact I had one to folks at work. That is, until this week. I decided to just give it up, and I e-mailed the URL to the entire team because, dear friends, I have nothing to hide.

Speaking of work, things are more nuts than ususal there right now. My team is super busy, and of course everyone (including me) is taking some time off here and there because it's summer vacation season. Also, our company is sort of under a microscope right now for several reasons, and the team I'm on is being asked to create some material to respond to some of what's going on. It's just a lot, and my stomach has been in knots all week about it.

The Geej's last day of school was on Wednesday. She's spent the latter half of this week at Dah's house, but will be coming back tomorrow just in time to attend a classmate's birthday party at some place that's filled with bouncy houses. After the party, I'm going to get my hair did. My roots are (once again) out of control, and I'm looking like a shaggy mess.

But tonight? I'm going to see this guy perform:
And I could REALLY use some comedy by a handsome, cross-dressing British man and a couple of cocktails right about now.


Hecticmom Undone said...

Oh, my blog was outed to work people and my family quite a while ago. So, I started a new blog - and kept the old sanitized one.

However, I was telling a coworker about this awesome blog I read and he went and looked at it and found hecticmom UNDONE. So, there are a few select people at work that know about my "real" blog now. So, I have to be a little more PC when I speak about work.

blackbird said...

Oh you lucky dog!
I'd love to see EI perform...

Karla said...

I've seen Eddie Izzard twice now. He's amazing the first time but the second is just a rehashing of the first. I could sense his boredom with the material. Let me know if he does the thing about the bees.

As for blogging, I find I censor myself more and more now. And it's frustrating. But everyone at the hub's work reads it, plus all the folks in my parent's very small town, and some (not many but some) people at my work.
I think it's strange how people believe they know EVERYTHING about you when they read your blog, that they are getting some sort of juicy insite, when, in fact, I censor so much that maybe 5% of the actual stuff in my life gets written about.

Luckily I have alot going on so that I can blog about 5% and it's not just "did the laundry"!

hotpinksox said...

I was just saying last night that we have Santa Anna like winds right now. What is up with that? I think you use a lot of discretion when writing about work. Keep doing what you are doing and I'll keep reading.

SUS said...

Yah, we had a coworker who was fired, not because of her blog, but it didn't exactly help her out either. When hired, she told us all about ther blog, and she was quite candid about how she felt about stuff. At one point, you could type our company's name and "nipple clamps" inot a search engine and find her blog. Poor Kat, we'll miss her.