Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Album of the Summer

You know how there's always that one album that you can't stop listening to during the summer?

Summer of 1987: Guns and Roses, "Appetite for Destruction"
Summer of 1990: The Sundays, "Reading, Writing, Arithmetic"
Summer of 1994: Hole, "Live Through This"
Summer of 1999: Cibo Matto, "Stereotype A"
Summer of 2006, She Wants Revenge

Summer of 2008: Santogold

Cannot. Stop. Listening.


Karla said...

Summer of 2002, Dirty Vegas. I can't hear any song from that album without thinking of you guys and the Summer I Left Austin.

Mama Malcontent said...

94 was a very good year- you know there's video that might have to be posted.

Millardman said...

Well, this may be my last comment here, as I have surely been flagged by my IT department for streamnig this video 1000 times today! Saw her at Coachella too. Good stuff.

Mags said...

Am I crazy, or does she sound a little bit like Terri Bozzio from Missing Persons?

You have good taste, KM. Thanks for the recs. How do you and Bookhart find all this new music, BTW? I feel like I never get out, EVER.

Karla May said...

She TOTALLY sounds like Terry Bozzio. THANK you b/c that's been driving me nuts. I guess that lends its 80s quality to it.

I discovered Santogold in 2 places: first on David Byrne's monthly playlist for May and 2nd while channel surfing through my XM radio in the car.