Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My jumbled brain.

Y'all, I cannot focus for shit. I'm sitting here at work, and I have a shit ton of stuff I need to be doing, but I simply can't get my mind to sit still long enough to accomplish anything. I'm blaming this state on several different factors:

1. I'm having holy-shit-I'm-back-from-vacation syndrome. The world didn't stop spinning while I was out of the office. Au contraire: I have a bunch more work than when I left for my long weekend away. Diving back into it head first sort of erases any post-vacation relaxation buzz I might still have, and so I resist.

2. I'm not sleeping well at all. I'm FALLING asleep just fine--it's the STAYING asleep that's the issue. For instance, last night I woke up at about 4:15am to pee, and boom, I was wide awake and never made it back to sleep. Instead, I just lay there in bed, staring into the darkness having my body heat sucked up by the two cats snuggled up next to me.

3. I've got a LOT on my mind. One thing a good bout of relaxation does is fill my head with ideas and "I should be doing X" types of schemes. I feel energized and creative and inspired, and then I come back home to the laundry and the parenting and the work and it all just becomes a big, unproductive and intimidating thoughtwad in my head. Next thing you know, I'm frustrated and stressed, and any and all benefit I got from the aforementioned relaxing and whatnot is completely erased.

My hope is that the next time I check in with you people I'll be better rested, clearer headed, and will have some of the 5 jillion things on my To Do list. But I wouldn't count on it.

In the mean time, here's a picture of some of the javelinas (collard peccary) that came and visited our little desert house.

And now for a zoomed-in shot:
Crazy little creatures, no?

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