Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Wisdom of The Geej (a.k.a. Things that make you go hmmm...)

"Mommy. Do you know what mashed potatoes are made of? Carrots!!"

"I don't want to fall off the playscape because I'll get my face all scrumpled up."

"Maximus is going to visit his grandfather in a place that's near Italy, in Italy."

"H-U-N-T-S. That spells ketchup. Did you know I could read?"

"I'm allergic to rice." [Me: No you're not. You just don't LIKE rice.] "That's right. I'm allergic."

"Miss Kim says we can take a field trip to San Antonio if all of us can 'just get it together.' I hope I can get it together!!"

"When you and Dah came to Russia to get me in the baby store, were there other babies there?"

It's not a "lava lamp," it's a "volcano light."

So sayeth The Geej.


hotpinksox said...

"...I hope I can get it together!!"

That made me laugh out loud. I feel like that all the time.

toxomaman said...

I am glad that the Geej has tuned into the "I'm allergic..." routine. I used it up until I was in college:) Hey Geej, it works - esp at summer camp and in cafeterias:)

mama herbivore said...

i am so in love with her.