Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why No Lunch Bloggee?

Y'all it's been a helluva week so far, and it's only freakin' Wednesday. I've had to more-or-less work through lunch so I've had zero time to sneak in more than a wisp of a lunchtime blog entry. Tomorrow promises more of the same.

So some quick reverse updates (most recent to least), bullet-point style before I begin to snooze:
  • Had a great workout tonight: treadmill, rowing machine and front press.
  • Learned a lot about tea today at work.
  • Went to the dentist this morning for a checkup and discovered that I need a crown on one of my molars. A very expensive crown. Yay.
  • Took BH out to dinner and to see Neko Case last night at Stubb's as a belated b-day present.
  • Show was good, weather was perfect. My shoes hurt so badly, that on our way home I left one on Red River and left another one near the intersection of Brodie and Wm. Cannon. So THAT'S how those random shoes end up on the side of the road!!
  • Ate dinner before the show at the recently relocated El Sol y La Luna. Don't recommend it.
  • Had a very tweaked-out and stressful day at work, punctuated by all sorts of odd goings on.
  • Like the COMPLETELY fucked up young man with his 10-speed on his shoulder who came up and started banging on my car window, yelling at me and flipping me off at the intersection of 6th/Lamar during evening rush hour (until one of those "I'm biking from Texas to Alaska to fight cancer!" fundraising dudes intervened. I gave the intervener $2 for his cause, and for his chivalry.
  • And the tall redheaded young man who was practicing his Swiss goatherd-style yodeling in parking garage at my work at the top of his lungs (the garage has great acoustics, dontcha know).
  • And the fact that the whole day got started off on the wrong foot when The Geej had a meltdown getting into the car to go to school (which she never EVER does) and then another one when we got to school (which she almost never does).
  • Had a really good workout Monday night after being away from the gym for a week (due to scheduling difficulties). I was surprised how much I missed my workouts! You have NO idea how un-like me that is.
  • I worked at home on Monday and got a lot accomplished. I'd like to do that once a week or at least a couple of regular times a month, but my boss, he isn't a fan, so I don't want to push it.
  • Blake's boys were here for four days. It was fun having them here, but it only emphasized to me how much we could use a bigger house. At least one additional bedroom and living area.
So that's pretty much it in a nutshell. I mean, of course, there's more--and pictures--but I've got no brain cells left this evening. Hopefully I'll be back to some more regular blogging soon.

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SUS said...

Yeah, crowns are 'spensive! I had to get TWO at one time a few years back.

Glad the show was good. Sorry El Sol y La Luna wasn't so good. Will nothing downtown replace the Las Manitas-shaped hole in my heart?