Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I said I wanted pepperoni on this!

At least they got the "creamy white filling" right with my order.


Hecticmom Undone said...

today is delurker day and I just wanted to let you know that I'm a long time loyal reader (well over a year without missing a single post). please keep blogging - there are some of us that are quiet in the comments, but you crack us up! I was so excited about your engagement (and I don't even know you!) Love all of the pictures you post! Lots of hugs for all the posts! Hecticmom UNDONE!

GoingLoopy said...

Cats + boxes = win. Also, congrats on setting a date, and thank you for discouraging my recent bang envy. I'm sure I would despise them too after 3 days.

On that note, though, Target had some kinda cute-ish headbands in the dollar section. At least one or two looked vaguely adult and didn't have fairy unicorn sparkles on them. Also, scarves are a good option for uncooperative hair. If you're going with that option, pull your hair back with the ever-popular barette first and put the scarf over it, then use a couple of little bobby pins by your ears, so the weight of your hair isn't being held by the scarf. Also, try to find scarves that aren't too thick and are not shiny or slippery, as they will stay better. Generally, the cheap-ass ones from Target and Wal-Mart work the best. :)