Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and the Just Plain Crazy.

This is The Good:

The Geej. She's been acting like a freakin' angel lately, save a few meltdown moments here and there. It's times like these that are hard to remember when she's going through one of her she-beast/spawn-of-Satan phases. I know it won't last forever but still...She's funny and happy, and a downright joy to be around lately.

This yoga class I'm taking. I know it's only intro for fatties and the really stiff, but still... Getting to spend (at least) 2.5 hours in a quiet room, breathing and focusing peacefully inward is seriously a gift.

BH. Can I just tell you what a champion this man is? I had a work thing I had to go to Monday evening, and he stayed home with The Geej. When I got home, I could tell that he felt like crap. I put her to bed, and then him, and guess what: He had a 100.4 fever and was really sick. And then? He managed to get up at 5:30am this morning to go to his first ever district meeting at work AND THEN stayed with GJ while I went to yoga, despite feeling way less than 100%. He thinks it's important that I go to this class because he knows what it means to me. Holy crap. How do I deserve this man? You'll be happy to know that he went to bed just after nine with no fever. Hopefully the worst of this is passed.

Celebrity Rehab. God, I'm a sick bitch for wanting to watch this show. But I do...

The Geej's weekly gymnastics class that she started on Monday. This was Dah's Christmas gift to her, and she freakin' LOVES it.

Enjoying an Italian wine tasting at work, complete with the high-dollar cheeses and other appetizers that you'd find at a swanky cocktail party, you know, just because.

Having so much recently-downloaded music in my iPod that I simply can't digest it all--including 50 soul/funk songs brought to me on a jump drive by my good friend Tommy Joe while he was visiting from NYC. That dude rules.

The wild mushroom lasagna I had at Whole Foods today. Mama mia!

Getting to do little surveys like the one on the upper right. Go ahead! Answer! It's fun!


These Are the Bad:

Cedar fever. About 2/3 of the people I know are suffering from it hardcore. Luckily, it rarely bothers me, but man, people at work and everywhere are suffering with this shit.

I let out a tiny little toot tonight during yoga. First, I swear it was tiny--what my mom would've called a "little popcorn fart," and it was when we were lying on our backs holding our knees to our chests and rocking back and forth. And I was all relaxed and then--toot! Here's how I know I'm getting old though--I really didn't care or get embarassed or anything. I was like, "Aw...hell. Like the rest of you Yoga freaks aren't holding them in like a mo-fo. Puh-lease."

THE GODDAMNED SPACING ISSUES ON BLOGGER WHEN YOU--GASP--DARE TO POST A FUCKING PHOTO!!! Fix this shit, people! You've been out of "beta" mode for months. What the HELL?!

The news. Pretty much all of it. I want to stay informed--really I do. But I've gotten to where it just infiltrates my every waking and sleeping thought, and that can't be good, right? So I've pretty much tuned out. If I can't read it in Bust, or The Onion, or Oxford American, then I'll bet I don't know about it.

My "baby fever." Y'all, I've got it in a MAJOR way. I see babies everwhere I go. I coo over them and ogle them. This past weekend, I got to hold this baby:Look at her supreme chunkiness and how adorable she is. I literally, wanted to gnaw on her fat rolls. Man, BH is lucky I don't have the necessary equipment, or I'd be wanting to get knocked up...like NOW.

This Shit is Just Plain Crazy:

Work. It has cranked up to the proverbial "11" and I am on the verge of losing my mind. Seriously. We need at least three more people on our team to handle the work we've got on our plate. It's fun work; it's interesting work; but, it's still work.

My MasterCard bill this month. I know it's leftovers from Christmas plus some other random stuff, but day-um people! When I paid off my MasterCard (which is my only traditional "credit card" btw) some months ago, I swore I would never carry a balance...that I would pay it off each month. And granted, it's still in the 3-figures range, but still. It's just plain crazy.

The scary, insane shit that one of my best friends has been dealing with with her seriously-disturbed ex-husband. She knows who she is. She knows that I love her. And she knows that I'm praying for her, even though that's not something I normally do.

And finally, as we all know, the hotness of Clive Owen is just plain crazy.

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Deb on Duty said...

That was the cutest little toot I ever did hear... And yes, I was holding mine in - but wasn't so lucky last week.