Wednesday, January 02, 2008

At what point do I become jealous?

Earl has become incredibly enamored with BH.

He enjoys whatever BH is reading.
He approves of BH's choice in footwear.
He also enjoys/approves of BH's actual feet.
He likes to snuggle with BH, either underneath a blanket (you can see a wee bit of BH's jeans and shirt in this shot).

Or even if it's on TOP of a blanket (you can see a wee bit of BH's face at the top of this one).

Clearly, he is no longer just MY cat. Nor is BH solely MY man.


Learning to share is hard.


hotpinksox said...

That is so funny. My cat loves men, all men. She is such a whore.

mama herbivore said...

the power of testosterone? god. you think he'd try to be a little cool about it.