Friday, July 15, 2011

Dispatches from Writing Camp: Day 6

  • My brain is full to flooding.
  • I am done with the hipsters.
  • I love being able to hear the train from my dorm room windows.
  • Clove cigarettes are stupid as fuck.
  • To the people who stamp out and leave their cigarette butts in the middle of this amazingly gorgeous green lawn that it takes a team of DOZENS of humanfuckingbeings to maintain: You should have to sit down and eat every cigarette butt you discarded this week. Because that? Is shitty.
  • I love my workshop instructor.
  • I am going to bed because I have a wicked buzz and have to be up early.
Yay college!

But wait!! Here's another pic from campus!!
It's hard to even imagine how lush and gorgeous this campus is, so you might as well quit trying.


JorgeGirl said...

Your bullet point about hearing the train at night through the windows made me think of Longview. I lived on "Nugget Hill", close to GS Hospital, not in a historic home, just a large forgotten converted duplex close to Trinity where the trains were close and constant. We are friends on Facebook and went to UT together but probably only went to the some of the same parties in high school. I think your writing is great and you are on the top of the list of blogs I visit weekly. My cousin helps run the Texas Shakespeare Festival and the paper ran an article on him when he lived in NYC during the 80s. He was quoted as missing the pine trees in ET and I was disgusted at the time that someone could miss anything about that place. Your writing gives me the same feeling I get now when I cross into Tyler and the tall trees overtake the road on either side. That is when I remember how beautiful my home is, no matter how conflicted I am with its residents.

Karla May said...

Thank you, JorgeGirl. Your comment literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for getting me and encouraging me.