Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dispatches from Writing Camp: Day 5

This one's gonna be a short one because I'm tired, I've had some wine, and I've got to do some reading before I go to bed (which will happen shortly, I hope). However, a techno dance party with some really loud and very bass-heavy music started about 10 minutes ago in the Student Union that's only a tennis ball's throw away from my open windows. And I'm a girl, so I don't throw very far.

Good lord.

Today started with a lecture on the subject of suicide in writing/poetry. Uplifting way to start the day, no? But actually, it was a pretty great talk with lots of thought-provoking, beautiful examples.

Then, workshop time. Most excellent.

The afternoon lectures were by one of my new most favoritest dudes, Luis Urrea (who I somehow got to follow me on The Tweeeeeeeeeeters) and another dude that I'm just plain curious about, Ben Percy.

Hiked to the 7-11 with one of my workshop mates, Tonya, and picked up some wine and crackers. The walk to and fro was all it took to rub some SERIOUSLY massive blisters on my heels. They are sort of killing me. Had a bit of wine before and after dinner, then went to tonight's faculty readings. Not bad, but not nearly as terrific as last night's--just a totally different kind of energy. Tomorrow night's lineup is seriously fantastic, however.

I am missing home. Not the ungodly heat that is still holding Austin in its hellish grip, but the kid, the husband, the dawg and kittehs. Yes, and even the leopard gecko. I am also missing my full-size shower and private place to, you know, doo-doo. Plus, when you're an old lady such as myself, there are at least a couple of instances of getting up in the middle of the night to tinkle. And having to stumble half-asleep down the hall and into a brightly lit communal bathroom to do so is not as much fun as you might imagine.

Okay, the dance party is now playing KISS's "God Gave Rock and Roll To You." I'm beginning to get grumpy, so I should probably sign off.

Until tomorrow, greetings from:

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