Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dispatches from Writing Camp: Day 3, Part 2

Michelle picked me up right on time. The sky had cleared and it was absolutely perfect outside. We rode to dinner at a fancy schmancy vegan restaurant with the car windows rolled down. We took our time with dinner, not wanting to rush just because of the 8:00pm show start time on the tickets, figuring that Gillian Welch would have an opening band anyway. We started with this incredibly flavorful and smooth pate. I had a rhubarb gin and tonic, which was just a lovely and refreshing as it sounds. For my entree, I ordered these out-of-this-world bowl with risotto balls served on greens with corn fresh off the cob, accented by fresh pesto and roasted red onion and jalapenos. It was freakin' exquisite, and the service was perfection. After dinner, we had another drink and kept chatting.

We finally got downtown to the venue and entered just as Gillian was finishing her first set. Apparently there WAS no opener and they'd pretty much started right on time. Damn you and your promptness, Gillian Welch!! The second set began, and she and her musical partner Dave Rawlings were sheer perfection. Their voices are auditory soulmates and seeing how much they truly enjoy the music they're playing--and the fact that they're playing together--is a wonderful, beautiful thing to behold. They did 3 encores, and ended with a crowd singalong version of "I'll Fly Away" that I'm pretty sure saved all of our souls, whether we realized it or not.

Michelle brought me back to campus as the bright, full moon rose in the sky and the temperature dropped. I went back to my dorm room happy and tired.

Now, some pictures!!

"Food Not Lawns"

Joshelle, hula-hooping old-school.
My room. Sparse but comfortable.
Cerf Ampitheater, where the nightly participant and faculty readings are held.

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