Sunday, January 10, 2010

Setting Intentions: Intention #2

I am sitting at the H2O car wash, waiting to get my chariot saved from its dusty, dirty doom, and I'm typing this entry on my brand new netbook!! Yes, I splurged and bought myself an early birthday present, but there are actually legitimate reasons behind this computer purchase--my first since 1994.

First off, I have a goal of completely disconnecting from work while I'm at home, except for when I'm WORKING at home, of course. Having a small, portable computer to use for things like, oh, I don't know, blogging, means I don't have to haul my work laptop home with me every evening. And if it's not here, then I won't be tempted to "just log on for a minute" to check my work e-mail, which usually ends up with me getting sucked into actually working.

Second, with something this teeny, I can slip it into my purse and have it with me for situations when I know I'm going to have time on my when I'm waiting on my car at the car wash.

And both of the above reasons help support the biggest reason: Intention #2

I will write creatively and frequently.
I will do this by setting aside some time each day--even if it's just 30 mintues--to be alone and write.
I will revisit creative writing I've done in the past in order to remind myself of my talent.
I have an interesting and compelling writing voice.
I am in need of an outlet for my creative mind.
Writing is a way to relieve stress.
My writing muscle needs to be built up and toned.
I will find and join an ongoing writing workshop in Austin.
I will read more in order to seek inspiration and stay creatively engaged.
I will record every sentence and phrase that comes to me that may be used in new or ongoing pieces.
I will research proper venues, and submit some work for publishing consideration.
I will be bold and hopeful.
I will not be negative about my work.
Rejection is not fatal.
I will work toward eliminating my fear of others judging what I write.
I will write for myself.
I have many interesting and colorful stories to tell.
I do not need to try to be like another writer; I need to be my own writer.
I will not forsake my blog.

Intention #3 is up next...

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