Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scenes from a Saturday in Salado (say THAT three times fast)!

Went to the charming little "Village of Salado", which bills itself as "the best art town in Texas" on Saturday to meet up with the in-laws. They just bought a new vehicle, and offered their very well-cared for 2005 Honda Passport Pilot (OOPS! I've been saying Passport for 2 weeks now) to us for a wonderful price. BH's 1997 RAV-4 has seen way better days, so we decided to take them up on their generous offer. So we went up to Salado to get our new car and spend the afternoon with them. I've zoomed passed this little town countless times on my way up and down IH-35, but never bothered to stop. It's a cute little community situated on the banks of a wet weather creek, and it's filled with friendly (and very Texan) people.

It's also filled with lots of shops that smell like a combination of potpurri and old people and offer products such as "Mr. Wigglesworth's Homemade Fudge", so you know, there's that.

The Geej and my in-laws Dixie (yes, that's her name) and Jim on a Salado stroll.

An interesting and creative way to use all those old, rusty saws you've got lying around.

And if you've got a bunch of old bikes lying around, you might want to do this with them.

The Geej and Jim skippin' stones in the creek.

One of the amazingly enormous old live oaks around Salado.

(By the way, I don't know if you've tried to upload photos and then arrange/comment on them since Blogger performed their last "upgrade" but it is a very tedious/frustrating process. Let me know if you've figured out any tricks because I'm about to throw this computer out in the yard.)


cd0103 said...

I love Salado. You need to go have lunch or dinner at Stagecoach Inn.

Marti said...

Windows Live Writer...the hubs set it up and it takes away my blogger frustration. BTW, ready for our shared birthday??

Sinda said...

I upload into Flickr - fast & easy - they take the URLs from Flickr and put them into the Blogger picture uploader - it takes a SECOND.

Love the pix - I've never stopped there, either, and now I don't have to!