Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Setting Intentions: Intention #1

It's not resolution making. Not really. It's putting out there what it is you intend to accomplish and then articulating and visualizing what that truly means.

And now, in no particular order, my intentions for 2010:

I will actualize my love of performance/comedy/improv.
I will do this by connecting with my fellow UT Theatre alums that live in Austin. Presenting ideas. Workshoping ideas. Writing sketches. Improving with this group. Rehearsing. Securing a performance space/date/time. Kicking ass. Creating buzz. Having sell out performances. Filling the space with laughter and joy.
I am funny and clever.
I make people laugh easily.
I am quick-witted.
I am fearless.
I am good at bringing people together and getting them excited about an idea.
I love others, and others love me.
I have confidence.
It is not a big deal if I bomb a few times.
I can sing well and make up funny lyrics on the spot.
When I laugh, others laugh with me.
I am unique.
Laughter is a healing and important part of life.
Smile lines make prettier wrinkles than frown lines.
I am passionate.
Laughing relieves stress.
I can--and need to--make time for my creative endeavors.
Being goofy feels amazing.
Ausin is a great place to plant creative seeds.
I have awesome connections in the creative community.
I am the first Karla May.
My talent is limitless.

Stay tuned for Intention #2.


Mags said...

Hey, my friend Amy just took an improv class and is joining up with a local group. I should have you meet her.

I love t'improv, too, but am a chickenSHEET.

Karla said...

I love improv. I'm fairly decent at it. I'd be with you there if I could.