Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Geej's Christmas List, Verbatim

Dear Santa Claus,

For Christmas I would like:

  • A Barbie house with three Barbies and kids and stuff in it—a couch, and a potty and a sink, and a bed for a mom and kids, a backyard, a balcony, and a baby room
  • A bell for my bike
  • Some real gum—a whole stack of it in all different flavors
  • My own real iPod with Hannah Montana music on it and night-night music you can put on there · Earphones for my iPod
  • A little thing that you can strap on to a table so that my babydoll can sit in it and eat dinner
  • I would also like my own bakery (Real)
  • A movie called “PowerPuff Girls and Christmas”
  • A whole new earring box with new earrings in it
  • A get-ready thing with everything in it that my mommy uses to get ready
  • Lipstick
  • Stuff to make my room and bathroom smell good (spray)
  • My own real computer like my mom’s
  • A t.v. in my room to watch
  • An ambulance with a hospital and a fire truck that I can play with with my toys (I already have a police car, so you don’t have to get me one). I want stuff that goes in them like a nurse, a doctor, and a little wheelchair that you can push people in that has wheels.
  • A school house with a bell
  • A 100-piece puzzle because I already know all of mine
  • A doctor and nurse for cats and little cats that can fit in there and a place that it waits with its mom
  • A mop to mop stuff
  • A pretend hamster wheel for my pretend hamster and a little bed and it has its own comb and spray and its own little bath and its own cage and a little thing that they drink some water
  • A pretend playground like my plaground at school for my Little People to play on

And for Dah: I want something purple that when you walk in it makes her smell and it smells super good everywhere and a purple candle


Hecticmom Undone said...


I think I especially like the schoolhouse with a bell.

toxomaman said...

I would like a "get-ready thing" as well...

SUS said...

Damn! I thought we were going to go into hock getting the Thomas the train set for Lucy (the Target tracks cost as much as THREE actual Thomas trains).

ErinH said...

That is the most impressive list. So specific!