Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Karla May's Philosophy Nugget

This is the first, in what I hope, will be come a series of "nuggets".

One is not BORN a megalomaniac. Instead, one BECOMES a megalomaniac when he a) assumes he is 100% right 100% of the time, b) thinks that his way is the one and true way, c) refuses to listen to dissent and assumes peope are idiots when they actually question his way, and d) think that he is doing people a favor--nay, saving them--by sharing all of his wisdom.

Feel free to discuss. And to disagree with me. Because you see I am NOT a megalomaniac, and can therefore endure and respond to dissenting opinons.


Anonymous said...

Language of origin please?
Can you please use it in a sentence?

There is a story behind this that I'd enjoy hearing, I'm sure.

Jaye Joseph said...

I really wish you could have just heard the huge cackle that came out of me as I read the first sentence of the second paragraph. If I'd been eating something, I would have choked.