Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You know what sucks?

Cancer. That's what.

Today is the anniversary of my cousin's toddler son dying of cancer.

One of my good friends is burying his father--who just died of cancer--today.

My uncle is fighting like hell against an aggressive type of cancer that has attacked (among other things) his spine, upon which he endured a 10 hr. surgery at M.D. Anderson yesterday.

And Saturday will be the seven year anniversary of my father losing his battle with stomach cancer.

What the FUCK, y'all? Who out there reading this hasn't been touched in some way--either personally or through a friend or family member--by this horrible, HORRIBLE disease. It just infuriates me--and breaks my heart--to think about it.

This holiday season, be thankful for every healthy day you have and don't ever, ever take that health for granted.


Badger said...

AMEN! And hugs to you and your loved ones for such devastating losses. Cancer does indeed SUCK.

(Oh, my grandma who's in hospice and might not make it through the holidays? CANCER.)

Rebecca said...

You said it sister. Cancer sucks and thank God or whomever for every healthy day.If someone would find a cure for cancer I would do anything for them - and I do mean ANYTHING.