Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am not blogging.

I am not blogging because this week has sucked.

My allergies (apparently I have mold allergies, and really never knew it until this week when they KICKED MY ASS) have made me hack like a 3 pack-a-day smoker and have made me pretty much unable to sleep.

The current and ongoing standoff with my mother (long, long story) and her complete unwillingness to communicate with me has made me physically ill.

My total apathy about most everything in my professional life has made me grumpy.

The glimpses into what The Geej is going to be like as a five year old (sassy, back-talking, defiant, hyper-emotional...wait, that's what she's going to be like for the next 20 years...YIKES!) have made me exhausted.

The sense of being overwhelmed by everything I NEED to do versus the amount of time I have to do said things has made me crumble.

And my desperate need for and yet complete lack of temporary solitude has me feeling like an exposed nerve ending.

I am jittery and pissy and totally on edge.

And I am not blogging.


Jaye Joseph said...

The irony that you just blogged is not lost on me.

Sinda said...

Blame it ALL on the mold - it can take it. And it will soon be gone, right?

Hang in there -