Sunday, May 17, 2009

And the most funnest week ever comes to an end...

What. A. BLAST.

I really, REALLY needed this weekend--lounging by the pool, reading a book, chatting with old friends, laughing, eating good food, napping, no schedules, drinking wine, more lounging, sleeping in, more laughing, and just having one helluva relaxing, fun time.

Ft. Myers is a cute little city. Right on a river that leads out to the gulf. There are beaches nearby, palms and flowers everywhere. My friend Lane and her husband recently moved there and into a gorgeous condo (and by "recent," I mean last month). I felt like I was at a resort the whole time I was there. Between the killer views and the posh poolside set-up, it was pretty nuts.

I could regale you with many tales of the weekend, but I think I'll let the pictures--and a wee bit of video--do (most of) the talking...and flauting.

Here are the views I had for a good portion of my trip. While lying on my chair by the pool looking up, I saw this: If I conjured up enough energy to roll my head to the left, this was my view: And if some how I got really crazy and actually lifted my head off of my chair, I saw this:
See what I mean by "resort-like"? So very different from my life...

Friday night, we went to eat Mexican food and we were seated in the part of the dining area that was right near the substantial bar area. Whe we'd walked in, I'd noticed a keyboard/stage-type set up in the corner of the bar, so really thought nothing of it when we started hearing a loungey type duo doing their thing. At one point, I think I asked Stacy and Lane, " I hear a flute?" But then we got back to our margaritas and queso and thought nothing more of it. That is until Lane came back to our table after a trip to the ladies room (via the bar area) and suggested, no, ORDERED us: "You have to come in here. Now." We followed even though our food was arriving at our table and there I witnessed something I really can't even begin to describe, so I'll give you a couple of minutes to watch this video I took so that you can come back and we can talk about it.

Yes. My friends were flauted. As I stood their stunned and motionless, "Leo" be-bopped his way on over to my friends Lane and Stacy and got ALL up in Lane's substantial cleavage. It Seriously, it was one of the funniest/most bizarre things I've ever witnessed. Thank God I had my little Flip camera to capture it and share with the world.

After the restaurant, we went to this place called the Mona Lisa that had been recommended to Lane by some friends. We wanted to make asses out of ourselves by singing a little karaoke, and supposedly the Mona Lisa (suspiciously located in a strip mall) was the place. When we got there, however, it was just filled with patrons eating pizza and drinking beers. There was a "stage" (which I later found out was "brand new" and of which they were quite proud), but there were no other signs of karaoke.
The new stage. Isn't it fancy?
So we asked our waiter, and he assured us that, come 10 o'clock, it would "be packed." That meant we had an hour to sit there and consumue some liquid courage. For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to have "champagne." Just a note for future reference: if your "champagne" comes in a little bottle with a screw-off plastic top that's made to sort of look like a cork, you should probably just order something else (instead of proceeding to order several of the little bottles, as I did).

Eventually the KJ (karaoke jockey) showed up, and soon thereafter, so did the crowds of...TEACHERS! It was "Education Night," and there were some teachers there ready to shake a tail feather and get a little crazy. Oh my...

Lane and I were the first ones up, signing a duet from Xanadu (of course). And we each had other songs on slips that we'd turned in, but we waited. And waited. And drank.
Lane and Stacy cracking up about something.
And we waited some more. And then FINALLY, I got to sing one of my "signature" songs, Kim Wilde's "Kids In America," which I dedicated to all the hard working teachers in the audience. Call my name and song, or I'll cut you!!

It wasn't pretty, people. But it was wicked fun.

Next morning, we went to an early lunch at a place called Butterfly Estates that had what Lane described as "gift shop food" and, of course, an indoor butterfly garden. It was lovely. After frolicking with the winged ones, we headed back to the condo and went immediately to the pool until one of the regular afternoon spring showers blew through and started to rain on us. It was fine with me thought, as it was time to get my incredibly pale self out of the sun and into the shower (after which I had a GLORIOUS nap).
A fairly typical spring afternoon storm in SW Florida. They blow in quickly and, thankfully, leave quickly as well.

For dinner Saturday night, we went to Ft. Myers beach for some seafood. Our first stop, right on the water, had an hour-and-a-half wait. We were starving, so we decided to pass (even though the stuff on the menu sounded AWESOME). We piled back in the car and went back down the road and ended up having a really good meal at a place called...wait for it...PINCHER'S. (Get it? Crabs and whatnot?) Beach humor is so lame.

After supper, we were all full and sleepy. Went home and didn't even make it though 30 mins. of SNL before I had to crash. And poor Stacy, my roommate, confirmed once and for all that yes, I do snore. I was SO mortified that I was snoring like a big ol' bear and keeping her awake. I wish her sweet dreams and restful sleep tonight.

So now, I'm just sitting in the damn Orlando airport, waiting for my flight to Austin. My layover this time is 3.5 hours, and I've still got another two hours to go. Ugh. And I've already had lunch and am sick of people watching.

I am excited to get home and see The Geej and BH, but I'm wishing I had one more day before I had to head back to work...just one more day of the most funnest week ever. However, reality awaits.

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Jaye Joseph said...

I am almost positive that the Mona Lisa was there when I lived there, and that it was the place my brother's friend's parents owned. I'll have to confirm next time I talk to him.

I'm glad you liked my old hometown. Those afternoon storms go on until the end of summer and they are the signal that you've been on the beach long enough and you need to go home, shower, nap and get ready to go out!