Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Conversations from the playground.

Geej: Maximus asked me if I have boobs. (Maximus is one of her admirers at school, and yes, that's his real name.)

Me: What did you tell him?

Geej: I told him that I have Barbie boobs.

Me: What are Barbie boobs?

Geej: You know...(shit-eating grin crosses her face). Big boobs. Like yours.

Me: Did you ask him if HE has boobs?

Geej: Yes. He said he has a tail.


Marti said...

That is so funny, I love it! That is going to be us in a few years (or sooner). Ugh.

Hecticmom Undone said...

How awesome that your boobs are in the same book as Barbie's! Man, I'm jealous!

Kristen said...

Maximus better hope he grows a pretty impressive damn "tail". Because "Maximus" is a whole lot of name to grow into.