Saturday, February 09, 2008

Today was a good day.

Got up, and it was cloudy and mid-50s-ish outside. The online weather report said that it was supposed to be sunny and in the upper 70s.

We took our time getting ready, and then left for the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market around 10:30 in the morning. It's super close to where we live, which makes it sort of sad that we hadn't gone there since BH appeared on the scene, but we made up for it today. It's early February, so the scene at the farmers' market was about 1/4 of what it will be in a couple of months. But it was still great.

There were jugglers demonstrating scandalous positions. (Or do I just have a dirty mind? Wait. Don't answer that.)

There were many "booths" with the obligatory (?) Texas flag tent shout outs. [Do other states do this? Or is our state flag just THAT much more kick ass? I'm just curious...]
There was the general awesomeness of a group of like-minded people gathered together to celebrate the scant remainders of the "community" aspect of their ever-increasing city.

Oh yeah...and at the farmers' market, every fourth person was sporting one of these--a "Better Bag" from Whole Foods. Death to the plastic shopping bag, people! Viva la bag! After that one, we decided to go to another one--the Austin Farmers' Market, which is a more recent addition to the whole local/farmers' market scene. Look at that photo. Doesn't it look all "big city-esque"? So weird to me that THAT'S Austin... But I digress.

Nothing much going on at the downtown farmers' market. However we did buy a one-container herb garden thing for $11 AND a couple of KICK ASS t-shirts from Jaye's friend Will (whose website escapes me now...damnit. Jaye?).

After that? We were still rockin'. It was fookin' GORGEOUS outside, so we decided to go eat lunch at a "wess-tuh-wahnt".

The Geej approved (which, as you know, makes life about 99% easier).

Now I invite you to gaze upon the sundried tomato Bloody Mary I had at lunch. Quit drooling. Yes, you should be jealous because this thing is freakin' amazing.

But wait! The best part of the day was yet to come: An EIGHT YEAR OLD'S birthday party. Wooh hoo! And Geej was the only kiddo under 7 even invited. How COOL is she?! But this party was even cooler: It was a "science" themed party hosted by a group super cool freaks who I am going to intentionally NOT tell you about b/c I intend to use them for the Geej's next 17 birthday back the EFF off. Now!

But, because I love you, I'll give you a hint about the coolest part of the party (besides the cake, natch):

And this...

And this...(slime making)

The Geej makes SLIME! All scientific like and stuff!!

Yeah. It was a good day.


Badger said...

HA! I know who they are. We've never had them do a party, but the boy child is a longtime veteran of their after-school programs and summer camps. He's actually too old for them now, which makes me sad.

cdees39 said...

OKay-- I need to know about these party people. My nephew lives down there.