Friday, February 22, 2008

I have so much to write about, and yet...

All I can muster is the following snarky and apologetic post:

This is for all of us who have a cell phone--
Unless you are walking someone through brain surgery on a desert island and/or talking someone who is about to jump off the ledge of a 30-story building, I seriously can not even FATHOM an instance where you would legitimately need to continue your inane cellphone conversation when you're checking out at a store. I mean come ON!! Gethefuck OVER yourself!! In case you haven't noticed: There are HUMAN BEINGS who are trying to serve you (ringing up your groceries, your gas, your coffee, etc.)--a job that I pretty much guarantee you couldn't handle because of--YOU GUESSED IT!--assholes like YOU!

How can you STOP being a boil on the face of humanity? Well, have the human decency to stop your asinine conversation while you deal with the cashier who is serving you, and then you can call your friend back. See how eaysy that is?

And also, hotpinksox, I know you tagged me. And I'm TOTALLY going tag-it-forward, but right now, I'm just to sleepy.

Until I can refuel my tanks...



Bookhart said...

Hallelujah! This is SUCH a pet peeve for me. We must be on the same wavelength because I came ever so close to posting something very similar on Friday after the IDIOTIC WOMAN in front of me at Einstein Bros. talked on the cellphone while she ordered her breakfast from one counter guy and then paid for it at another counter. That's 2 human beings that she disrespected while she carried on a conversation that, as far as I could tell, was completely inane.

Millardman said...

please direct this hostility toward the assholes that throw their cigarette butts out their car windows. Because the world is their ash tray. Off point I know, but probably same people?

hotpinksox said...

I also hate being on the phone with someone when they are checking out. But I really hate it when I am on the phone with someone and they are talking to someone else instead of me. My step monster does it ALL THE TIME.

No worries about the tag.