Monday, February 04, 2008


I haven't posted since Thursday? Day-um. What a blur, y'all.

So I picked up my car Friday evening (specifically, at 6:01pm--they close at 6:00--and I had to call and plead with them to stay open so that I could get my car) to the tune of $500+. Happy birthday to me, right? Most of that was for "labor" as they tried to figure out what the hell was wrong with the damn thing. Apparently they even had to call Nissan to help them diagnose. Ultimately it had something to do with some electrical connections to the engine coming a-loose (thank YOU Appaliachain kinfolk!), so they had to disconnect, reground, clean, and reconnect everything to make sure they'd remedied the problem. Oh, and I had some rear brake work done while I was there. Car trouble...gotta love it. I did all I could to get Geej fed, bathed and bedded before I myself got in the bed and cratered at 9:30pm. Yep: I'm totally thirty nine.

Saturday it was LOVELY outside. Geej, BH and I ran some errands (including getting my NASTY car washed), had some lunch, and did a bunch of chores around the house. About 4:30, Dah was on the scene so that BH and I could go have dinner with his mom and stepdad. We went out to the Lakeway resort, which I haven't visited since around 2000. They were staying there and treated us to dinner. The place was practically deserted, which must be why they got a room with a balcony facing the lake for only $116/night. Like I said, the weather was GREAT, so they really lucked out. After dinner, we came back in town and went to Deb and John's annual bowling birthday throw-down at Westgate, which is a stone's throw from mi casa. It was fun! And, as usual, I SUCKED. I mean, just because I arrive on the scene with my own ball/bag/shoes, people expect me to be good or something. But no: I suck. I bowled a 54, y'all! See? I SUCK!!

Sunday, both BH and I were dragging a bit due to the late-ish night and the drinking of much wine/beer. It was another lovely--and unseasonably warm--day, so we just hung out with the Geej and did a whole lot of nothing.

This morning, bright and early, Dah and her neighbor Nadine showed up so that I could take them to the airport. You see, Nadine won a week-long "all expenses paid" trip to Cancun at some raffle, and Dah is tagging along as her guest. All she had to pay for was airfare. She's never been to Cancun, and I think she'll like it. But a week? With a somewhat crochety neighbor in her upper 70s? Yeah... I expect to hear some complaints. By me taking her to the airport, however, I was able to secure the use of her car. Why? Because I decided to go ahead and get some cosmetic body work done on mine--I mean shit, if I'm in for $500+ already this month, I should just dive on in to the poo pool and immerse myself, yes? But seriously, I had 1 significant ding, 1 significant dent (from me running into a dumpster), and a bevy of scratches I wanted buffed out. The first place gave me an estimate of fourteen-hundred-freakin'-dollars! What?! Second place as about half that. Guess who I went with? So I've got Dah's wheels to get me around until they're finished doing cosmetic surgery on my car.

Geej's school was closed today (teacher work day), so she went to gymnastics camp for most of the day. She takes gymnastics at school as an "extracurricular" on Mondays anyway, and this same group who teaches gymnastics at the shool offers a half-, 2/3, or all-day "camp" when school's not in session. A lot of her little friends from school go, so I thought she might like it too, and guess what: she LOVED it. I went and got her at 3:00pm, and she told me tonight when I was putting her to bed that she "wanted to stay until five firty." Wow. I'm so happy she dug it so much! But when she got home, she was pretty wiped. So was Earl apparently, but for no real reason other than the fact that he's a fat, lazy slob.

I'm making progress on my epic "To Do" list, by the way. At least I don't feel like I'm drowning anymore (which is saying something). Back with you soon, people.


Hecticmom Undone said...

OH! I so wish our school had some sort of "camp" on those weird days that they close for bizarre reasons.

This was hilarious, "So was Earl apparently, but for no real reason other than the fact that he's a fat, lazy slob." I wish that I could be a fat, lazy slob too..

The Strong One said...

Wow... you have a lot going on! The Geej looks precious in that picture.

And maybe you suck at bowling, but at least you didn't break your foot while doing it (unlike my pathetic-assed self).