Thursday, November 29, 2007

Overheard at our house last night:

I was putting The Geej's pajamas on her, and this is what went down:

Geej: Can I have a bunny?

Karla May: Lord no, honey. Bunnies are cute, but they're a pain. They chew on everything and they're really, really loud. They howl all night long. And you know what they eat? Baby dolls! (To which her eyes widened in disbelief.) No really: they do! Besides, we've already got a cat, a dog and a gecko. We really don't need a noisy, babydoll-eating bunny.

Geej: Well then, can I have a rabbit?

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The Strong One said...

Damn, that's creative! Wish that sort of thing would work with my daughter, who adopted two of the fiddler crabs (Sheldon and Shelley)her fourth grade class was studying. Their food stinks to high heaven.

Of course, now I tell everyone we have crabs.