Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess who's coming to Thanksgiving...

Once again, I agreed to babysit the class rodent over the holidays. So yesterday, Hunka Munka the class rat, came home with me. Except for that damn ratty tail of hers, she's darn cute. She's very sweet and personable too. Thus far, Earl has been underwhelmed. But tonight, Hunka Munka gets to go out in the ratball for a little roll around the house. I'm sure that will blow Earl's rather tiny mind.

Speaking of Thanksgiving (was I?), Mr. W. and I decided it would be smart to do all of our shopping last night because we figured the store wouldn't be that busy. Yeah...we were pretty wrong on that one. We didn't get to Whole Foods until close to 8pm, and it was still packed to the rafters. Luckily, we got everything we needed (I think), and so I won't have to go back down there any time soon. Thank God. I'm not a fan of crowds...especially crowds in stores. Ick.

The wonderful Dah has The Geej tonight, so Mr. W. can clean house and prep food and get ready for cooking tomorrow. I'm expecting about 4 or 5 guests for our little potluck Thanksgiving, so it should be fun.

More soon.

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