Monday, January 16, 2012

Things I've Done Recently (with comments)

  • Ice skated. (Busted my ass on the ice.)
  • Tried coconut water. (Didn't enjoy it.)
  • Ate treats cooked in an Easybake Oven. (Not so good.)
  • Put a TON of old grad school stuff in the recycle bin. (Yes, I still had papers and stuff from grad school. Shut up.)
  • Tried not one, but two new restaurants within walking distance of our house. (Both were delicious!!)
  • Found a couch I want at Crate & Barrel that's like a jillion dollars. (Not really, but might as well be.)
  • Suffered from Cedar headaches. (Cedar allergies are zero fun, y'all.)
  • Roller skated. (Busted my ass on the rink.)
  • Went to see Kathy Griffin do stand-up. (I she's 12 years older than me but has 100x the energy.)
  • Tried to go a day without caffiene. (Failed.)
  • Helped The Geej open up her very own savings account at the bank. (She thinks that $77 has the buying power of about $3k.)
  • Signed up for a "Vocal Technique for Musical Theater" class. (Random, right?)
  • Discovered the best loose leaf tea in the galaxy. (It's this stuff. And it's spendy, but SO worth it.)
  • Admitted to myself that this whole psoriasis thing isn't going away. (Fucking sucks.)
  • And finally started talking seriously about putting our damn house on the market. (Yay! But, scary.)

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