Monday, September 05, 2011

Found while cleaning up my office at work.

Handwritten note in a small spiral notebook.

Panic attack on a plane.
  • parched mouth & throat; dry lips
  • inability to speak
  • like a large hand is wrapped around my torso--armpits to pelvis--slowly tightening its grip
  • sweaty palms
  • stiff all over; petrified
  • constant loop of panicky thoughts running in head
  • hot lava feeling in torso, back of neck, ears
  • gritting teeth alternating w/uncontrollable jaw shivering
  • shimmy shiverying of hips/thighs
  • feeling that I've forgotten to breathe & then breathing too fast; shallow
  • nausea; feeling like I'm going to puke
  • blurry vision; spotty vision
  • hyper-awareness of pulse; pounding/racing heart; pulse in neck
  • flushed feeling; hot cheeks
  • snowball feeling; like once it's started, there's no way to come down
  • lightheadedness
  • feeling off balance; vertigo; dizziness; feeling like I'm falling forward or sideways when I'm sitting still
  • sounds fade; become tinny
  • waves
  • out of control
When it's over, I feel utterly exhausted, drugged. Spent completely. Unable to focus or concentrate. Headachy. Very spacey.


Anonymous said...

Where were you flying?

Karla May said...

Don't remember. Most likely somewhere for work.