Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Key Word: Sparkly

I have posted The Geej's letters to Santa for the past couple of years due to the fact that a) they're kind of funny and b) they provide a nice time capsule of sorts--a glimpse into the things that she coveted or thought were important at that particular point in her childhood. This year's letter is just as telling as the last couple have been. It tells me that she doesn't want to screw around with a lot of chit chat, and as with most females, you really can't go wrong if you just give her jewelry.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the most girly letter to Santa ever written in the history of all things girly.

Dear Santa Claus,

I love you so much, Santa. You are so cool and nice and fun.

Here is my Christmas list:

Roller skates
iPod Touch
Sparkly dress
Moxie Girls Magic Hair Doll
Diamond earrings
Diamond necklace
Regular earrings
Nail polish that's sparkly
Peace sign necklace that has all kind of colors on it and earrings that match

I love you with all my heart, and I will never forget you.

--The Geej


Emily said...

Love! Perfect list.

Anonymous said...

I see there is an iPod Touch in there. I have a feeling that will be on our future lists - probably every year. My 3.5 year old LOVES The Touch. Lil Diva is at almost 15 months is huge fan of facetime with her Mimi.

It makes me long for cheap items like sparkly nail polish.

Love the list. :-)

Karla said...

I love that she has gone straight for the diamonds. No wasting time, as I did, with birthstones and all that rap, nope, this girl goes straight to the top of the heap.

I suppose 'regular' earrings are just plain old boring 22 karat gold ones or something?

Kristen said...

I'll never forget you!

Ron Malibu said...

No iPad? Dang, did my tastes diverge from those of a young girls a few months back.