Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Silk purse. Sow's ear.

Witness yet another thing the world doesn't need: Spam single serving packages.
That's right. Now you don't need to mess with that inconvenient can in order to get your salty, compressed, unidentifiable pork bits and pieces! Now all you have to do is "rip and tear your way to CRAZY TASTY(tm) town!"
You know what, Spam? I don't WANT to go to CRAZY TASTY(tm) town. And I don't care how much you dress it up, shit in a single serve package is the same as shit in a can.


Jaye Joseph said...

Today at HEB, while walking past the deli, I saw loaves of ham for slicing, and the brand name was Fud. It looked about like Spam. ICK.

I have to go eat my hot dog now...

And my word verification is "chunt". Awesome.

Keetha said...

Get out. That's plain disturbing.

My word verification is knemena. Sounds uncomfortable.

mama herbivore said...

too bad they didn't use the term "spingle" with rhymes with dingle, which brings me to dingleberry, which is a poop that hangs off a butt. which is spam!