Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I promise...

...I'm writing.

It's just not here.

It's at work.

It's on that horrible EVIL Faceplace.

It's on another super secret blog that I may (or may not) have that may (or may not) chronicle my frustrations with my body image (and/or feature photos of kittens).

It's on grocery lists.

It's on epic, neverending "To Do" lists.

It's on applications to writing workshops that have (oops) already occurred.

It's on life insurance policies.

It's on bills.

It's happening. I swear. Just not here.

And for that, I aplogize.


Sinda said...

I keep meaning to tell you that Spike Gillespie is hosting a workshop - I saw it on Faceplace- know about it? Friend her, if not, she's shooting for 1000 friends!

La Turista said...

You forgot to mention all them emails to Maury Povich and your letters and pichurs to Beaver Hunt.