Monday, January 12, 2009

2 quick things.

1. Last night after I finished blogging, I went to The Superficial to catch up on my favorite snarky celebrity gossip site, and I was in the middle of looking at some hideous plastic surgery photos when--BAM--my browswer shut down, this "Anti-Virus" warning thing came up, and this electronic voice started coming out of my speakers, warning me of certain doom. Needless to say, it freaked my shit out. But I ran my OWN virus scan, and found out that--no real surprise--the thing claiming to be an anti-virus warning was actually the virus. It's something apparently called "Scare Ware," and it's happening a lot. Don't fall for it (like I nearly did). As a result of all this fun, my computer is down in IT getting scrubbed and sanitized, and I'm having to work on the 2-toed sloth that is my old laptop. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

2. As we were driving to school this morning, Geej spoke up from the backseat and said, "Mommy, will you be sure and record Hava Nagila on your iPod?" One of her stranger requests...

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