Sunday, May 18, 2008


  • Sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday.
  • Pretty typical goings on around here, really.
  • Except for the crazy storm on Wednesday night.
  • But other people have posted about that.
  • All in all, things are looking green and vibrant, which is nice because--at least thus far--we've gotten plenty of rain.
  • BH and I have been on a planting/yard-improvement kick.
  • Not only have we planted two different kinds of peppers, tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and orange-mint, we've also planted plumbago, hisbiscus, and created an entirely new flower bed in the front yard that we're planting with native decorative grasses and drought-resistant native flowering plants. Very exciting.
  • We've also been working HARD to rid our weed-infested front yard of clover and stickers without using chemical weed-killers. But it's a labor-intensive, tedious process. And I SWEAR I've personally pulled 7,000 weeds (which is half of what BH has pulled), and it looks like we've barely made a dent.
  • I got my third quarter bonus on Friday and I'm spending it on...GUTTERS!! For the back of the house!! How utterly domestic and boring!!
  • I'm also going to spend some of it gambling, getting spa treatments, and eating great food in Vegas, because I'm going there with Dah on Tuesday.
  • She hasn't been in 25 years, so I bought us 4th row tickets to see Cher at Ceasar's. It was her Mother's Day gift. Yes, I'm awesome.
  • I need this break from work because it's just nucking futs right now.
  • La Turista is going to help take care of the Geej while I'm gone, and The Geej is beside herself excited.
  • I got some new contacts this week and OMFG, y'all. They're a completely new type than I've ever been able to wear (because of the level of my damn blindness), and they let in like 500% more air, so my eyes don't get dried out all the time. It has made the biggest difference.
  • This is great timing too because my eyes always get so dried out when I'm in Las Vegas.
  • That, and I'm thirsty like a fiend all the time.
  • Damn desert.
  • I've been on a big salad making kick, since the weather has turned so warm. This past week or so I've made a spinach/gorgonzola/walnut/pear salad, a couscous salad, and a white bean salad that is one of my favorites. I love making The Big Salad and then eating on it for a couple of days.
  • Washed my car for the first time yesterday, then it got rained on. Of course.
  • Also stuck my first bumper sticker on to her: "Don't Mess With Texas." I can't stand litterers, as you know.
  • The Geej has grown 4 inches since this time last May. And her feet? Growing about a size a month.
  • Speaking of The Geej, here she is enjoying the weather--and the sprinklers--today:

  • She is a nut.


Hecticmom Undone said...

Love the new picture of Earl in sunglasses - Very LOL. :D

blackbird said...

She's a CUTE nut.