Sunday, May 11, 2008

Broken in.

We took the new car on her first road trip this weekend: up to the D/FW area and back. And can I just say that it's official: I love her. She got 30 mpg, was comfortable, handled well, was quiet, and in general, just rocked. I even figured out how to re-program the automatic door locking thingamajig so that the locks will undo when you turn off the car (it was my only pet peeve, and now it's taken care of)!

BH and I went up there (w/out The Geej...she was with Dah) so that we could attend a high school friend of our's mom's surprise 60th b-day party. It was out at this GORGEOUS piece of property just east of Dallas, and there were about 150 people there, a band, catered food (including, by far, the most heavenly fried shrimp I've ever eaten in my entire life), tons of balloons and decorations, and huge, blown up photos of the guest of honor from all through her life. You could tell that she'd had a helluva lot of fun in her life (thus far) and was well loved by her friends and family. I just kept thinking, "Damn, when I turn 60, I hope I'm this happy and I have this many friends to help me celebrate." It was pretty amazing.

Today we had breakfast at...wait for it...THE WAFFLE HOUSE in Mesquite. Just so you know, I had mine scattered, covered and smothered. We ate with the future brother and sister-in-law (who'd also been at the party the night before). First up, let me just say, I LOVE the BIL and SIL to be. They are fun as Hell, and have been happily married for 22 years. (They were Jr. High School sweethearts, and have been together ever since.) I pretty sure the reason they have such a happy marriage is because they really make each other laugh. You can tell how much they enjoy being around each other when you hang out with them. It's inspirational and completely sincere.

Today we took Hwy. 281 back to Austin so that we could pick up the Geej at Dah's house on the way home. I'd never been that way before, and once you got west/south of Cleburne, it was a GORGEOUS drive--hilly, and green, with TONS of wildflowers, especially Indian Blankets, straddling the road.

Do I have any photos to document this wonderful weekend? Why, no. I'm a dork and left my camera at home.

It was a good Mother's Day. When we got home, BH worked on our new flower bed, mowed the back yard and then (drumroll please) went to the grocery store to do the weekly shopping!! I swear, this was like a gift from the gods. I seem to spend every Sunday afternoon at the damn grocery store (Geej in tow, of course), and really, that's the LAST place I want to be since I work at a grocery store Monday thru Friday. So yeah. It was freakin' awesome.

Oh, and then we cooked out on the grill and had an awesome supper on this wonderful cool, spring evening.

Yes, life is good.

By the way: To all you mommies out there (you know who you are...most of you on on the blogroll there on the right) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! You all rock, hardcore.


Lee said...

I have a major weakness for Waffle House.

Husker Sara said...

I have had the same car for a year & also love it...except for the damn locks! How did you fix that?

Karla May said...

Husker Sara:

I had to have BH help figure it out...

You know that "quick guide" thing they give you when you get your car? It's in the seat/lock section.

It's a two man job: you need someone there with you calling out the directions while you execute. It's sort of goofy. But I'm TELLING you, it's worth it because now I'm not having to unlock everyone's doors every time I stop the car.