Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My favorite Christmas card.

As I was putting away the cards I received from friends and family this most recent Christmas, I ran across this gem. A bit of background about the senders: Josh and Michelle. I met Michelle while I was living in Chicago. She was my first girl friend that I made while living there. I met her in a creative non-fiction journal writing class at Columbia College. She had cool hair and even cooler shoes. Plus she was the best writer in our class. We became fast friends. I introduced her to a friend of my boyfriend's, Josh. We all went bowling together.
Fast forward several years and several moves later, and they are now married and living in Portland, OR, and are expecting thier first baby--a daughter they're naming Ruby--at the end of this month. We're all very excited about becoming the parents of little baby girls in the very near future.

So, the card--
It has an angel on the front and says, "Believe."
You open it up, and on the inside, Michelle wrote: "We (heart) you & Josh is c r a z y. XOXO"
Then Josh wrote:
"We are so proud & excited for you. You've got ballz the size of church bellz & we're honored to call you our friend. Our little ladies will grow up at the same time & maybe, just maybe go to see their first concert together, hopefully a G-n-R reunion will all original members. God willing. I'm talking Slash, Duff, Axl & Izzy in full affect, word up. How sick would that be? Totally sick. Totally F'n sick. The more I think about this, to hell with the kids, call the sitter, we'll meet you at the Will Call window of the Austin Municipal Fucking Auditorium, load the flask with jungle juice beyotch cuz it's go time. Cut the shiznit, start the piznit, you know what I'm talking about?! Show us your titz and all that. Fuck-n-ay."

Wow. He's about to be somebody's dad. That totally rules.

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