Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Conversations with Cheryl, #1

My mom Cheryl called me this morning on my cell phone. Here's more or less a transcript of our call.

Mom: Hey, I've got 2 things to tell you.
Me: Okay. Lay it on me.
Mom: Roy left me a note.
Me: What? [Remember, dear Readers, that Roy is my recently-deceased stepfather.]
Mom: Roy left me a note! When I woke up this morning, there was this note from Roy on my dresser. And it was NOT there last night.
Me: Whoa. What did it say?
Mom: Well, it was on this really nice stationary that I'd never seen before, and it was dated 1997, but I've never seen it before. And I swear to you, it wasn't there last night. I would've noticed it.
Me: But what did it say?
Mom: [Quoting the note] Sweetie, I found myself smiling on my way to work today. I have a simple life and am happy. You are not only my best friend, but my lover and a very good person. I am very lucky and just wanted to know that I love you very much. --Roy
Me: Oh my God.
Mom: I KNOW!
Me: And you've never seen it?
Mom: NO! Isn't that crazy?
Me: It's just so cool. Did you have a particularly hard day yesterday?
Mom: Well, we were in court to probate the will. And then I went out to the cemetary and they still hadn't put his nameplate up in the mausoleum. So yeah, it was emotional.
Me: He just wanted you to know that he was watching out for you and that he loves you.
Mom: I know. I'm just so happy that I got this note.
Me: What's the second thing?
Mom: I found a baby snake in the dining room this morning.
Me: WHAT?!
Mom: Yeah. I don't know how he got there. But now I'm worried about where his parents are!
Me: What did you do?
Mom: I got some kitchen tongs, picked him up, and sealed him in an envelope.
Me: Alive?
Mom: Yes. I mean, I think he's still alive...
Me: What are you going to DO with him?
Mom: Well, your uncle's coming over later to help me with some stuff, so I want him to look at it and tell me if it's a copperhead or not.
Me: Oh.

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Karla said...

An envelope being that latest approved Snake Management tool.

Your mom and my mom should get together, My mom put a bucket over the snake, on top of which she then put books so said snake cannot escape. Then she waits for my dad to take care of it. Even if it is two days, since he is out of town.

That's lovely about the note.