Thursday, December 23, 2004

Now WHY didn't I have my digital camera?

So I went to lunch on the East Side. Good, greasy Tex-Mex food at an old, family-run place called "El Azteca." They're sort of famous for their over-the-top calendars featuring scantily clad Mexican damsels and the bulky studs who rescue them. So, I made my pilgrimage there today to purchase a calendar for myself and my buddy Tommy Joe who lives in New York.
Anyhoo, I'm leaving the restaurant, and there is this totally pimped out Dodge Stratus parked right in front. And its front license plate was one of those novelty plates like you can buy at the state fair. It was SO fucking awesome.
Picture this: black background with stars...sort of looks like the universe...and the words "Tex Mex" in big, silver block letters. But wait, there's more. A unicorn leaping over a rainbow. A UNICORN LEAPING OVER A RAINBOW!!!! God, it was hot. And brilliant--a masterwork of design that appeals to the tween girl and the hardcore cholo all at the same time!

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