Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sad news.

I hate to have to put this out there like this, but since this is the way I communicate with a lot of you these days, I figured it would be at least efficient if not personal. My stepfather, Roy, passed away this morning at 6:56am. As you know, he'd been in the hospital since his June 21st surgery to repair an aneurism on his aorta. The "recuperation" period (if you can call it that) had been a horrible ordeal on his body, and his mind, and my mother was swept up into it all. Now that maelstrom is over. Roy is at peace and the struggle has finished. He was a very decent man who loved my mother intensely and who treated me even better than he did his own kids. He was a funny guy--downright goofy at times--who loved nothing more than a good, hearty laugh. I will miss his presence very much.
I am throwing some stuff in a bag and heading for home in the next couple of hours so that I can be with my mom. She seems a little numb on the phone. I know she's going to be surrounded by his kids, his brothers, etc. I think she needs my help, even if she'd never ask for it.
So goes the emotional roller coaster that is my life...

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Karla said...

I send you love and hugs and sympathy. I am so sorry.