Monday, January 15, 2007

The shortest route to crazy town... being cooped up by yourself with your extremely chatty and needy toddler for (what will be tomorrow) five days because of the weekend combined with the threat of an ice storm. I am exhausted and pretty much out of things to stave off our boredom with this situation.

All I know is that there better be a 6 in. layer of ice on EVERYTHING tomorrow to make all of this hype well worth it.


Anonymous said...

add: and not smoking/or chewing gum.

It's been a long, long weekend...

Bookhart said...

If it's not too bad tomorrow, think about a drive over to our place for a change of scenery. Because 2 kids in the house plus ice also equals crazy town.

Anonymous said...

Do any friends live nearby? You need a break.

Plus lots of TV and cereal. Or whatever else she wants, that will keep her occupied.

Moon said...

Y'all people around here got all crazy prepared for the ice storm of '07. There were no groceries to be found. We have a few broken trees, but it is more pretty serene than scary.

I do feel like a big doofus this morning because I had to call the director at our local university who I was supposed to meet with this morning to cancel a meeting 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there.

Nothing says professional like background noice of a crying 1 1/2 year old and The DoodleBops.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's getting a little Donner Party over here as well. I swear the dog was eyeing us like we were made of various meats...

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh! I know! I hate to say this BUT add a husband (ask mama mal) and it is SO MUCH WORSE.
Not the snow days of yore, now is it? SHIT!!!!!!
Oh, baby, I know how you feel.

Kelly R. said...

Willem and I have built a tent in the kitchen, stuck truck stickers everywhere, worn out the Baby Einstein CDs and are now naming all of our body parts for like the hundreththousandth time.


Mags said...

Some suggestions:

1) Take/give bubble baths.
2) Make cookies.
3) Get out a smallish tub, some water with food coloring in it, and lots of little cups.
4) Put on temporary tattoos.
5) Decoupage.
6) Start examining your split ends obsessively.
7) Bite all fingernails off.
8) Sacrifice something.