Saturday, January 08, 2011

Liveblogging While The Geej Watches "Xanadu" for the First Time

FYI: I gave The Geej the 5 min. "Greek Mythologies for Dummies" lessons that one needs to fully appreciate the premise of Xanadu just prior to us starting the movie. And then I told her there would be, "lots of music and magic and roller skating." And then, that shit was ON!!

What follows are the questions and conversations that happened during the movie. If you don't know Xanadu like I do, this probably won't make a lot of sense.

Scene: Muses being awakened off the wall due to Sonny's tearing up his painting:
GJ : "Did Santa Claus make this happen?"
"They're small people."
"That's a lot of sisters."

Scene: The album cover art workshop, right after they see Olivia Newton John (Kira) on the cover he's supposed to paint.
GJ: "Was that Lady Gaga that went by him?"

Scene: Sonny with Gene Kelly on the beach:
"Why is he supposed to paint a picture of Lady Gaga?"

Scene: When Sonny discovers Kira skating in the (future) Xanadu location:
"He's really small now. I thought he was bigger."

Scene: Back in the album cover art studio:
"They're really small people, aren't they?"

The Gene Kelly (Danny McGuire) apartment scene:
"Why do you keep turning it up, Mommy?"
(During their kiss) "Wait! Isn't that the roller skating lady who is in love with the other boy?!"
"Is she dead?"
"Why is she a spirit?"
"So...this is fiction, right?"
"Tap dancing! Whistling!"

The "Suddenly The Wheels Are In Motion" scene:
"They were flying!"
"Is it really raining?"

The 80s v. 40s imaginarium scene:
"Why are they all nekkid?" (during the 80s/Tubes scene)
"Why is she showing her butt?"

The cartoon ELO "Don't Walk Away" scene:
"He turned into a prince?"
"How many more hours, Mommy?"

During the "All Over the World" clothing store scene:
"What is THAT?!" (In response to the androgynous African-American person crawling through the spider web legs.)
"I think he looks nice in that." (Gene Kelly's 15th outfit.)

The scene when Kira's trying tell Sonny about her being a muse and shit:
"They're going to marry each other." (Right after Sonny and Kira's first kiss.)
"Can I have TWO oatmeal cookies?"

The scene where Sonny's contemplating skating into the mural of the muses:
"Why is she not alive anymore?"

In the Tron-esque "Suspend Me In Time" scene:
"That's where his girlfriend is."
(Right after Sonny gets banished from Tron/Heaven) "They're going to be together, and they're going to marry."
"Will you record this to my iPod?"

In the opening night scene:
When Gene Kelly's opening the scene: "What is he DOING?! He's on roller skates!!"
"What are they saying?" (Me: "Xanadu.") "What's Xanadu?" (Me: Sigh)
"Are they going to be back together? Mom, just TELL me!"
(When Kira/Oliva makes her big "Xanadu" entrance): "Look! She's back! How did she get back? Are those her sisters? Are they back forever too?!"
"Is he in love with someone else?"
(When the freaks on the tightrope are being shown.): "What is THAT?!"
"I like what she (Kira/Oliva) is wearing. Do you?"
"Please record every song she (Kira/Olivia) has on to my iPod."

Immediately after the closing credits started rolling:
"Mom! Let me show you how I'm going to roller skate the next time I put on my skates." (Folllwed by much galloping around the living room.)

And my job as a parent is pretty much done.

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hotpinksox said...

I wish I had been there. This is the most awesome thing I have ever read!