Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am not psychic.

There is a lot up in the air in my life right now, and most of it has to do with my work situation. I won't bore you with the gritty details, but basically the future of my small team--what we do and how we do it--is being discussed in Meeting Rooms by Head Honchos this week. We know change is coming, but we don't know how drastic the changes will be or what we'll look like as a team in two weeks...two months...two years. Normally, I would find all of this uncertainty very upsetting, but I'm actually pretty chilled out about it, and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Here's what I DO know:
--I have worked for this company for more than FIVE TIMES longer than I've worked anywhere else.
--Over the past two years, my team has been through some pretty intense shit team-dynamic wise. It was not fun or pretty. But we all learned a shit-ton from it, and we're all better and smarter because of everything went down.
--Since my team's creation (in late 2003), our company has never been quite sure what to do with us. Our existence was something that employees wanted, but not necessarily something the company leadership knew how to support. We've had to figure out everything for ourselves along the way. We've had some stunning successes and some dismal failures and some just-plain-meh outcomes, but thankfully, the successes have been the most plentiful.
--I am insanely proud of the people on my team and the work we've created.
--Sometimes I get to be very creatively engaged and challenged at work, and that is fucking awesome.
--I get to laugh a lot at work.
--My team has been with me through a foriegn adoption, two brushes with cancer, surgeries, illness, marriage and lots and lots of work drama. They've seen me at my strongest and weakest, and because of that, I feel like they're part of my family and would do almost anything to support them and keep them safe.

So whatever happens to this thing we've given our blood, sweat, and tears to to create, we'll be okay. I'm not psychic, but I'm sure.

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Karla said...

Wishing you the best. We are having a reorg at work, too, though as the MD's assistant, I see things from the mgmnt end, for the first time ever, and it's really wierding me out. It sucks from either end, apparently.

As my dad says, I don't know whether to shit or go blind.

But I can't see them changing your team too much, you have accomplished so many wonderful things!