Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Scene: In the car, stuck in traffic. On the way to a weekly summer day camp. Crowded House is playing on the car stereo via iPod. Mom is singing along. Daughter, in booster seat in back, is writing in a spiral notebook. Suddenly looks up and poses a question.

Daughter: Did you kiss Daddy goodbye this morning?
Mom: (Turning down stereo). What, Honey?
Daughter: Did you give Daddy a kiss goodbye today?
Mom: Yes. Why?
Daughter: (Nonchalantly going back to writing in the notebook). I didn't see you.
Mom: Well, we did.
Daughter: (Pause) Do you kiss each other in the bed?
Mom: What? Yes.
Daughter: (Mumbles something inaudible.)
Mom: Did you just say "Horrible"?
Daughter: No! I said coooool.

And, scene.

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