Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There are several things that are making me happy/excited of late, and I thought I'd share.

1. My team will be moving to a new space at work in a month or so. Yes, this will be the 9th time I've moved in my nearly 11 years with my employer, but the space we're moving to is different from the rest of the floors in my building because it once belonged to a company who was leasing the space and it's, well, cooler than where we are now.
2. The big birthday reveal of telling The Geej about our upcoming trip to California is happening on Friday. I can hardly wait!!
3. I got a bargain on a new digital camera that takes really great photos like this one:
Isn't that pretty? Thank you, Costco!
4. That new HBO show "Boardwalk Empire" looks like it's going to be awesome.
5. I did some research and decided to switch our household over to AT&T U-verse for our cable, landline and internet in order to take advantage of their "bundle" offer. And not only will I be saving us $60/mo., I'm also getting two $200 Visa gift cards for switching and going with a promo deal they were offering. So SUCK IT Time-Warner.
6. We're growing watermelons in our back yard. For REALS!!
7. We've got some cool projects on the horizon at work and some (hopefully) positive changes are at hand for my team. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!
8. These pistachios are seriously some of the best nuts I've ever put in my mouth (insert crude fellatio joke here). You can get 'em at Costco or Whole Foods and I HIGHLY recommend the salt-and-pepper and south of the border flavors. Totally addictive.
10. And speaking of marsupials, this lady's possum is very well taken care of (and no, that's not a euphemism for her ladyparts).


Anonymous said...

Watermelons! Exciting! I want to raise chickens now.


Hecticmom Undone said...

WOO! I'm guessing you're going to Southern Cali - but if you head up North let me know! It would be awesome to get the kiddos together and to meet in person...

Usually I don't post rants to people's blogs (and feel free not to post this - it's just a very very tender spot with me right now.)
We did the U-verse thing about 4 months ago for all the same reasons. AT&T has the most AMAZING and friendly customer service. They are so nice and I know this because we've had to have them come out like 7 times to fix the TV and internet and the TV still doesn't work well. And, after all the damn "fees" and such... It's EXACTLY the same as Direct TV... (well, we might save $5 a month - but, the sound cuts out of our DVR'd shows every 2-3 mins - so the irritation is high. Also, the sucker is so hard to fast forward and the remotes just suck. (We've had 3 DVRs at this point I think? And 2 or 3 routers? Our voice mail has only gone out twice in the last few months though... UGH!)

I think we'll keep the AT&T internet and phone/voice mail - because that seems to be working well, but we are probably going back to DirecTV.. Their customer service sucked pretty bad - but at least the DVR worked. Maybe they will give us a discount to come back.