Thursday, October 02, 2008

Couldn't "live blog" the VP debate tonight because of two things:

1. We were out of wine.

2. BH and I were FAR too busy playing this:
VP Bingo!! We had three different cards for each candidate found on various different websites. Unfortunately, we didn't have dobbers.

In the end, I'm the only one who actually got a Bingo (or a "Palin" as it were). But I tell you, if they'd had "fundamental difference" on my Biden cards or "Ronald Reagan" on my Palin cards, I could've scored a freakin' blackout.

And would you please check THIS out?
Yep. She actually said "Maverick" that many times during the debates. Ugh. I am completely nauseated by her "folksy" act--the turns of phrase, the ending of words that should end with a "g" with an "n" instead (ex: bringin', winnin', talkin', etc.), the "aw shucks that's how we do it way up in Alaska" crap. You know who else was considered "folksy"? Our current numbnuts disaster of a president. Nobody cares if you're down home, Sarah. Do you have what it takes to be the Vice President and, God forbid, president if that need ever arose? So far, from what I've seen and heard from you, the answer is a resounding "Gosh golly no!"


Lee said...

I bet she said "Ahmadinejad" twice that many times. Margaret speculates that it was just because she nailed the pronunciation and was so proud of herself that she decided to really work it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad- I was fully expectng the live-debate commentary today. This is pretty good though. I caught MAVERICK and kept thinking to myself how arrogant of John McCain to describe himself this way. Was there a "energy-producing state" square? That one would have a bunch of hashes as well.

thelmajane said...

AND how many times did igloo hick say "yeah"?

Anonymous said...

I hate folksy people and I have a visceral hatred of Palin. All the folksy people should crawl back into their fucking hole and stay. Don't they know that they are not wanted?

Lee said...

Well that last comment is a bit harsh. Sometimes "folksy" people also have very good politics. If you live in Texas 10th Congressional District, I hope you won't let folksiness put you off from voting for Larry Joe Doherty.

SUS said...

She's. The. Worst.
Absolutely horrible.
The end.