Friday, April 08, 2011

Considering having a baby? Like good music? Read on. Then go to Walgreen's and get some condoms.

The Walgreens near my house has two drive through lanes. The other day, I was waiting for a prescription refill at Lane 2, when a red Kia Soul pulled up and in to Lane 1. Its windows were all down (as were mine--it was gorgeous outside) and the song "Funkytown" was blaring out of the stereo.

As the car approached the drive through window, the song was turned off by the dad driving. However, the 4 or 5 year old boy strapped in the booster in the back seat was NOT pleased.

KID: "DADDY!! Funkytown! I want FUNKYTOWN!!"
DAD: (Turns the song back on, but at a lower volume.)
KID: "LOUDER!! It needs to be LOUDER, Daddy!!"
DAD: (Frustrated) "I've got a headache! This is as loud as it's going to be."
KID: (Falling to pieces, bawling like his puppy just got murdered in front of him) "B-uh-uh-uht I waaaaant Funkytown!! Loud Funkytown!! I don't LIKE quiet Funkytown!!"
DAD: (Looks at me with the most exasperated look I've ever seen on a human face.)


Karla said...

Too funny. Kid has eclectic music tastes.

Lee said...

Damn that's awesome.

Ron Malibu said...

Won't you take me to?

Ron Malibu said...

Won't you take me to?