Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This explains a lot.

This is a picture of my favorite doll from childhood.
No, she's not wicked baked; she's sleepy. Her name was Drowsy, and when you pulled her string, and she said things like, "I'm so sleepy," and "Night, night," and "Can I have a glass of water?" I hauled her around with me through most of my toddler- and young childhood. I'm not sure what happened to her, but no matter really. Even though the doll went away, her impression she made on me certainly did not.

I fucking LOVE to sleep. I mean, I can drop and give you a nap at the snap of a finger. And for as long as I can remember, I've been this way. It was really bad in junior high and high school when sleeping 14-16 hour stretches on the weekends was pretty average, and my friends all knew that I was a sleep glutton. Hell, I even had a poster of a kitten sleeping under a pink blanket that read, "Wake me up in time for the weekend!" in my room. So not only was I a sleep-lover, I was also an enormous dork. It's a wonder I had any friends at all...

In my dorm my freshman year, the room that my roommate Bonnie (thankfully, a fellow superfan of sleep) and I shared was known as "The Cave." We tacked black bath towels up over the window to block out daylight and cranked the A/C down to like 40 degrees--optimal for under cover snoozing.

I realized later that a great deal of my desire for more sleep than was probably necessary was due, in no small part, to the fact that I was a very depressed person. Not depressed as in "man, I'm bummed about that," but clinically depressed. I finally got on some meds (yay drugs!) and it helped, but I am still madly in love with the act of sleeping. And for this? I blame Drowsy coupled with the fact that I'm old and lazy and sleep has become increasingly precious as my life has gotten more complicated and filled with distractions like work, and kids, and stress, and housework, and pets and husbands and whatnot.
So as I finish this post, at 9:32pm, I will proudly go to bed about three hours earlier than I used to when I could sleep in in the mornings, and will enjoy every moment of whatever sleep I'm luck enough to snag tonight.
Night Night!


Bookhart said...

Yeah, um, she looks pretty baked to me.

Somewhere at the bottom of the hope chest at the foot of our bed lives Humpty, my childhood friend. I need to drag him out and photograph him for posterity, but I worry that he will be co-opted by one of the children and I'll never see him again.

hotpinksox said...

I think I could sleep like that especially right now. I haven't had a full nights sleep in at least a week.

Anonymous said...

I saw that there is an article in the Austin-Statesman today that Austin's own "Leslie" is in the hospital in serious condition with a closed head injury ... cause unknown ??!!

One of the special folk that "help keep Austin weird", the article says that he may not ever recover.

Keep Leslie in your prayers .